Versele-Laga Grit plus 1,5 kg

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Manufacturer: Versele-Laga
Grit with flint, oyster shells and other seashells.
-Country's Best GRIT+ is grit especially formulated for gallinaceous birds with flint oyster shells, seashells, redstone and vitamin pellets.
-GRIT+ does not only promote your poultry's digestion, it also has a positive effect on the skeleton and the formation of the eggshell.
-As a supplement to your animals daily needs, the grit has been enriched with extra vitamins and trace elements for an optimal health and condition.

Composition: Marine shells, flint, redstone, oyster shells, maize, wheat, maize bran, wheat bran, charcoal, spelt bran, sunflower seed feed, alfalfa protein concentrate, palm oil, bentonite, calcium carbonate, herbs, sodium chloride

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 1.0%, crude fat 0.5%, crude ash 89.5%, crude fibre 0.5%, methionine 0.02%, lysine 0.04%, phosphorus 0.06%, calcium 18%, sodium 0.20%