Deli Nature Birdelicious Tropical Fruit 750g

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Manufacturer: Deli Nature
-An extremely varied mixture, based on selected high-quality seeds and cereals.
-With a large variety of fruit and extra enriched with nuts, Birdelicious Tropical Fruit is the ideal way to add variation into your parrot’s diet or as a snack.
-Deli Nature Birdelicious guarantees extra energy and vitality.

Composition: Fruit (8% raisins, 7% dried banana, 3% dried rowan berries, 3% dried kiwi, 3% dried apple, 3% dried pineapple, 3% dried papaya, 3% dried rose hips, 1% dried juniper berries), cereals, seeds, nuts (2% shelled peanuts, 1% Brazil nuts, 1% hazelnuts, 1% walnut pieces, 1% cedar nuts) vegetables (1% chilli peppers)