Orlux Gold Patee Red Canaries 250g

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Manufacturer: Orlux
Ready-to-use eggfood with red colourants for canaries, European and tropical finches.
Egg food is essential during the breeding season; but also during the rest of the year, it is a source of extra nutrients.
-Moistened with 100% natural honey.
-Contains 75 mg/kg of canthaxanthin in order to obtain a nice, red colouring to the birds.
-With extra added lysine and methionine for optimal growth and feathering.

Pro-Feather: Omega-3-fatty acids are essential for optimal condition, immunity and fertility and gleaming plumage.
Pro-Growth: L-carnitine enhances fat metabolism, as a result of which more energy becomes available, and promotes growth of young birds.
Florastimul: A unique combination of prebiotics (FOS and MOS) to boost good intestinal flora.

Composition: Egg and egg derivatives (min 30%), bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, honey, various sugars, minerals, cereals, seeds, FOS, MOS

Analytical constituents: Protein 17%, fat content 15.50%, crude fibre 3%, crude ash 5%, calcium 1.40%, phosphorus 0.40%, lysine 0.90%, methionine 0.35%, threonine 0.60%, tryptophan 0.20%, cystine 0.30%