Versele-Laga B-Pure 500g

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Manufacturer: Versele-Laga
Vitaminized brewer's yeast
Dried, top-quality brewer’s yeast enriched with vitamins. Enhances the general condition and the training spirit of pigeons.
-Enhances the training spirit of pigeons
-Increases the general condition
-Rich in essential amino acids and vitamin B

Composition: Brewer´s yeast-saccharomyces cerevisiae (97%), sodium chloride

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 45.4%, crude fibre 0.9%, crude fat 0.4%, crude ash 6.8%, lysine 31200 mg/kg, methionine 4900 mg/kg, sodium 1080 mg/kg

Nutritional additives: 3a672a vitamin A 275000 IU, 3a671 vitamin D3 55000 IU, 3a300 vitamin C 750 mg, 3a700 vitamin E 625 mg, 3a710 vitamin K3 22 mg, 3a821 vitamin B1 50 mg, vitamin B2 96 mg, 3a841 calcium D-pantothenate 300 mg, 3a831 vitamin B6 113 mg, vitamin B12 0.15 mg, 3a314 niacin 875 mg, 3a316 folic acid 10 mg, 3a880 biotin 4 mg, 3a890 choline chloride 12500 mg

Directions for use
Mix 1 dessertspoon of B-Pure with 1 kg of grains, which have previously had 1 dessertspoon of garlic oil - once a week all year round.
Make fresh daily.